Denise Dimensional

🔮 intuitive ⋆ safe space holder for women 
🦋 return to your wholeness ⋆ reclaim your power
🌈 trauma-informed ⋆ healing circles

Hello beautiful soul,


You are powerful and already whole in your divine perfection.

You are not your traumas, beliefs, emotions and experiences.

You are here to explore and integrate the layers of your experiences (pleasureable and painful) to find the source of your wisdom, your truest nature; your Divinity.

You are a cosmic, magnetic Queen and deserve to be.

Your authentic self, your soul is yearning to be seen and heard. To be experienced fully in the purpose and power of who you are.

I provide the guidance to get there.

How? By asking the right questions, sharing my own story and wisdom, and guiding you through your own journey within. 


Let’s begin.

Denise has given me personal guidance through my spiritual journey to help me better understand myself and how to harness my spiritual and feminine energy. She has such a calming and accepting presence, and is greatly in tune with herself and the divine.

- Annalisa S.

Hi, I’m Denise.

My mission is to empower women in their self-healing journey through spirituality and sacred wisdom so they are vibrating with authenticity, free from traumatic experiences, and living with purpose, creativity and connection.

Who do I serve?

I offer safe and sacred space for women who are:

🌸 Seeking spiritual growth and to reclaim their power
🌸 Learning to embody a self-healer
🌸 Embracing intuition as an inner compass
🌸 Freeing themselves from trauma and limiting beliefs
🌸 Diving into authenticity and purpose
🌸 Upholding boundaries, consent and non-violent communication 

Work with Denise

Women's & Trauma Healing Circles

Trauma-informed safe space for you to be seen & heard. Attend an in-person circle or request a women’s circle for your group of sisters. Currently serving areas surrounding San Diego.

Online Courses and Circles

Not in San Diego? I have courses and women’s circles that are held online. Learn more about my signature program Self-Healing: Vessel, a group program for women becoming healers starting July 2019.

Spiritual Self-Healing Sessions

I offer safe space for you to self-heal through ThetaHealing, Reiki energy and intuitive readings. These one on one sessions can be held in-person or at a distance via Zoom.

My experience working with Denise has been incredible and she truly has a gift. She has such a contagious energy and it is apparent that her work comes from a genuine place of love - both for her clients and the work itself.

- Megan H.

nourish in nature

All-day women’s retreat in Alpine, CA

This sacred space among the nurturing aspects of Mother Earth is held to cultivate balance and the divinity within yourself. Embody your wholeness and return to unconditional self love. 

What the experience includes:

Opening Circle • Come gather with spiritual sisters and create our sacred container. This day is meant to nourish you on every level; physical, energetic, emotional & spiritual.
Yoga with Lauren • Enjoy a slow flow that will prepare your body, mind, and spirit for the day together.
Circle with Denise • Our divinity is a recognition of our wholeness and a return to love that is reflected within ourselves and everything around us.
Lunch • Savor the freshness of the new Summer season with a plant-based lunch that will balance out the rhythms of the day.
Hike & Meditation • Explore the Alpine hills, fresh air, and dirt beneath your feet as we embark on a hike, followed by a grounding meditation with a view.
Sage Bundling • A time to tie everything together and infuse our intentions into our bundle so it may clear what no longer serve and invite what we’re calling in.
Closing Circle • Reflections and takeaways. What is a new ritual to cultivate balance and divinity within yourself?

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