Denise Dimensional

🔮 intuitive healer⋆ spiritual mentor 
🦋 return to your wholeness ⋆ reclaim your power
🌈 trauma-informed ⋆ healing circles

Hello beautiful soul,


Welcome to the wisdom within you.

You are powerful, cosmic being.

Full of life and love; whole in your divine perfection.

You are not your traumas, patterns, emotions and experiences.

You are here to explore and integrate the layers of your experiences (pleasureable and painful) to find your truest nature: Divine.

You are an abundant creator of magic, a vessel rising into her soul’s purpose and deserve to be celebrated. You are an intuitive, attuned to energy, the divine feminine and pure consciousness.

Your soul is yearning to be experienced fully in the power of who you are.

I’m here to guide you.


Let’s begin.

Denise has given me personal guidance through my spiritual journey to help me better understand myself and how to harness my spiritual and feminine energy. She has such a calming and accepting presence, and is greatly in tune with herself and the divine.

- Annalisa S.

Hi, I’m Denise.

My mission is to uphold women in their sacred inner wisdom through spiritual mentorship and embodied & intuitive healing so they are living their soul’s purpose, reclaiming their power and returning to wholeness.

I offer safe and sacred space for the woman who is:

🌸 experiencing a spiritual awakening and is craving wisdom
🌸 ready to feel through her shadows and self-heal
🌸 learning to embody feminine and balance masculine energies
🌸 freeing herself from trauma and limiting patterns
🌸 activating her intuition and communing deeper with Spirit
🌸 developing awareness of subtle bodies; hers and of other dimensions

Denise is a master facilitator who brings together amazing women and makes you feel comfortable, supported, and included.

– Bridget H.

A Training for Aspiring Lightworkers

Are you ready to deepen your spiritual self-healing practice and activate universal life force energy (Reiki) within you?

You’re in the right place.

In 6 weeks, I will teach you how to use Reiki energy to heal yourself and others. You’ll also learn about energy systems and different ways to practice self-healing. 

My experience working with Denise has been incredible and she truly has a gift. She has such a contagious energy and it is apparent that her work comes from a genuine place of love - both for her clients and the work itself.

- Megan H.

Healing Circles for Women & Trauma

Trauma-informed spaces for you to be seen & heard. You can attend an in-person circle or request to host a women’s circle. Currently serving areas surrounding San Diego.

1:1 Healing Sessions & Soul Purpose Readings

A juicy, intentional space to dive deeper within your mind, body & soul. Together, we’ll explore the wisdom of your being and it’s ability to self-heal through a variety of healing modalities.

Denise shined light into each of our shadow selves, but also our greater selves. Having her share her insight on each of our needs for healing encouraged each of us to pave a path towards a brighter “next step”. I know for me, it was that I was lost and didn’t really understand where my suffering was coming from. But with her guidance in these sessions, I was way more enlightened and am more aware of how I can help myself through the lows I feel throughout my life.

Sarah K.

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