About Denise

Hello! I’m Denise Chang LoVerde — although you’ll likely find me creating and teaching as Denise Dimensional — and I’m an intuitive space holder and spiritual mentor. I help empaths transform their traumatic life experiences to becoming embodied expressions of their soul’s essence and sacred vision.

I believe that we are inherently self-healers. Our entire spiritual and physical anatomy was designed to support the work of evolving into our fullness and wholeness.

We are human beings having a spiritual experience so that we can:
• Expand our consciousness (what we know about ourselves and the multi-dimensional world we exist in),
• remember how to love ourselves unconditionally and
• express our unique essence (our sacred vision and purpose).

I believe that we are innately worthy of a life that FEELS good. Not just good, though. A life that is pleasurable, magnetic, full of possibilities and even orgasmic.

But what happens when our life experiences (often times traumatic) inhibit our capacity for feeling these emotions? Let alone, feeling SAFE to process and integrate them into how we show up day to day. 

Collectively and individually, we all have a natural blueprint of health and wholeness buried under the imprints of human evolution. The fuel to this blueprint is our life force energy. The more we cultivate our life force energy, the stronger it becomes. And because it’s purpose is to orient us towards our FULL selves, it triggers our shadow — the parts of us that remain hidden in the unconscious — so that we can fully experience and integrate the parts of us that have been disowned.

All this so we can feel safe to love ourselves and others without hidden agenda.

I also believe that we are divine mirrors for one another because we all come from the same source – Divine Consciousness. Because of this, we see in each other both the light and shadow aspects of ourselves that we are ready to embrace and integrate. The more we expand our awareness, the more we can be of service to our Highest and Best.

Finally, I believe that the evolution of our culture and world has become detrimental to the sustainability and regeneration of our collective and individual health. I am learning to integrate the ancient wisdom of our ancestors and native peoples through my business and how I serve myself and others.

I’m passionate about cultivating resilience through community and embodying my values of integrity, safety, self-trust and education.

It takes a village to heal trauma. That’s what I’m here for.

I support women in their shadow healing journey so that they can access their capacity to experience their most prosperous, abundant and magnetic life. A life where they are fully expressed without self-extraction, judgement or fear.

Through this work, the women I work with reclaim their innate power, recognize their worthiness and embody the wholeness of their being.

When integrating and feeling our shadow emotions, we become more fully embodied — a way of BEING that prioritizes how we feel in our bodies — which affects how we show up in relationships and our spiritual growth (law of attraction and frequency of sorts).

I also hold space for women who are vessels rising into their creative potential and consciously choosing to create a business of healership (it’s not a real word, but Yung Pueblo enjoyed my use of it) and sacred service. I support women by guiding them back to their wisdom within through the intuition of their mind, body and spirit.

Here’s what got me ready to support you in alchemizing your shadow.

I am a certified ThetaHealing practitioner. This healing modality focuses on finding and resolving limiting beliefs hidden in the subconscious realm. The Theta brain state is when you are most impressionable (think hypnotism) and where the operating system of our existence is accessed. Through accessing this brain wave, we hold space for deep seated beliefs and process them through the eyes of unconditional love. You all get to experience the fullness of your emotions in this space due to its gentle yet powerful nature. As your space holder, I am co-regulating with your nervous system so that we can access your beliefs without harming your physiology.

I’m also a Reiki Master Teacher and studied with Yoga with Shawna. I have over 300 hours of offering the medicine of Reiki through my RMT internship with Shawna, Reiki circles and one on one clients. Reiki is a feminine energetic approach to activating our life force energy. It helps to remove blockages in our energetic field (aura) and “softens the edges” of our emotional and mental bodies. You can get certified with me through Intuitive Attuned. You can also learn more about the difference between Reiki and Breathwork as modalities for activating life force energy in my second podcast episode.

I’m currently learning from Rachael Maddox through her Level 1 ReBloom Coach Training (12 weeks) and ConSensual Business Course (6 weeks). Together, we are co-creating a culture of choice and consent, filling our needs while offering our sacred medicine and healing trauma through the lens of love and togetherness. This means that I am evolving from being trauma-informed to specifically holding space for trauma resolution with bucket loads of tenderness & care, choice & consent, community, sacred medicine and safe love.

I am also enrolled in a 300hr MindBody Therapy Certification through Embodied Philosophy. This means that I am receiving education on clinical processes and practices that prioritizes the somatic (the body) experience and the connection between mind and body psychotherapy. The teachers include Dr. Scott Lyons, Dr. Rae Johnson, Dr. Christine Caldwell, Dr. Albert Wong, Dr. Maureen Gallagher, Dr. Peter Levine, Dr. Theopia Jackson, Dr. Judith Blackstone, David Weinstock and many more.

I have also completed a 100hr Classical Tantra Immersion with Robin Christ through the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga. I studied and practiced the spiritual philosophy of Tantra and it is now the framework in which I approach healing. I believe we are manifestations of Divine Consciousness (God, Universe, Shiva) — our Soul or Highest Self projected as a human being in this time and space. This means that not only are we DIVINE, we also have access to this Universal Consciousness because we ARE a part of it. Through meditation and feeling good in our bodies, we can access the truth of our existence; experiencing the totality of our experiences (read: wholeness and power).

Additionally, I’ve completed multiple workshops and trainings that contributed to my experience in holding space for both my own shadow healing and the healing of others. Some of these include the Prison Yoga Project for trauma-informed yoga, Bite the Apple for a model of leadership and transformation through Shakti Rising, Feminine Uprising with Sistership Circle for leading powerful women’s circles, Creative Vessel with Rae Irelan for activating and creating my conscious business, and a myriad of one-off workshops covering a variety of alternative medicine and holistic healing topics. Some of my favorites include Season of the Witch with Breath of Blake and Womb Wise with Marissa Correia.

I’ve also learned from teachers and mentors including Melanie Esperon for Reiki Level 1 & 2, Whitney Yarnall for inner child healing, Marie Miller for cultivating my psychic abilities, Joanna Turner for reading the Akashic Records, and multiple business coaches including Tori Washington, Rachel Spencer, and Stephanie Lane.

I was also a co-creator of Soul Flow Studio, an art and healing community space in San Diego. We hosted workshops and events that focused on the creative expression of your soul and brought together the community through art and healing. The studio is on hiatus for now, though the memories live on in my heart and on Instagram.

I’m currently really into breathwork and using the breath as a masculine energetic approach to activating my life force energy while deepening my meditation and movement practice. I’m also a big fan of talk therapy when it’s supported with energy and somatic healing.

My current scope of practice includes:

Speaking your truth
Creating and setting boundaries
Feeling the feels
Reducing anxiety & overwhelm
Cultivating intuition
Judgement of self and others
Resolving guilt & shame
Creating and living my life’s purpose
Shadow work
Subconscious mind reprogramming
Inner Child Healing
Abortion Healing

My Story
In 2013, I moved from Malaysia to San Diego to attend SDSU as an international student and was living under a trauma spell. I was sexually assaulted two weeks before moving and the memory was blocked and hidden in my subconscious. Even though my consciousness “chose” to forget the traumatizing experience as a means of survival, my body and spirit didn’t. In 2016, a close friend called me and shared her experience of sexual violation. It triggered a physical and emotional reaction, though I still hadn’t “remembered” my own experience. As I tossed and turned in bed, feeling unsettled and unhappy, I began a quest for community where women could share their stories and heal together.

It wasn’t until 2018, two years later, that I hosted my first women’s circle. At the time, it wasn’t focused on healing sexual trauma. It was about bringing women together so we could collectively witness each other in our vulnerable truth. We explored divine feminine concepts such as intuition and speaking our truth. This continues to be the nucleus of all my group offerings as has grown into an amplified safe space for vulnerabilty and connection. Hundreds of women have shown up to Goddess Fight Club, my monthly new moon women’s circle, and Women’s Healing Circle, a second monthly women’s circle I host here in San Diego. I’ve witnessed women share their painful stories of sexual assault, realize they are in unfulfilling relationships and careers, come out of the closet in a variety of ways and resolve difficult situations, simply by being witnessed in their truth.

Since then, I’ve worked with women in one on one and group settings both in person and online. I offer a 3-month spiritual self-healing mentorship called Wisdom Within where I take the work of holding space into a much deeper capacity. My clients have began to resolve years of anxiety and depression from just a few short monthts together. My teachings and offerings have evolved from spiritual and divine feminine ideas and practices to become more trauma- and self-healing focused.

In my own healing, I’ve processed shadow emotions of anger, guilt and shame. I’ve had multiple encounters with my inner child and continue to reprogram my beliefs every single day. I feel grateful for the inner work that I do because it has been the greatest gift, albeit challenging. It is a spiral and cyclical journey, one that continuously ebbs and flows with the seasons of nature. Due to the nature of the work that I do, it feels needed and integral that I hold space for myself to process my own trauma. Currently, the access point to my healing journey has been through couples therapy and 1:1 work with other space holders.

The work of self-healing continues to be a process and over time, I’ve cultivated immense self-trust within to know that I have the tools and resources to connect to and embody my internal power.

In 2019, I hit multiple upper limits with my work. I also successfully launched my signature group program, Heal Yourself (now called Sacred Self-Healers) and launched my podcast, Self-Healing Badass. 

*more coming soon* 

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