What’s a women’s circle?


September 3, 2019

The experience and intention of a circle

A women’s circle is an unforgettable experience; one that truly needs to be felt rather than explained.

That said, here’s my reflection on the essence of women’s circles.

Circle is a co-created environment of safe space and sisterhood where every woman present gets to be seen and heard. It’s a powerful portal where vulnerability and authenticity takes center stage.

Inner and outer connection becomes effortless when you witness the divine reflections of yourself in the sisters in circle with you.

It’s a space where you get to ground your energy, feel your feelings and offer up your truth.

Circle is a full body exhale where you get to arrive fully into your being, feel the sensations in your body and receive without having to give.

Here, no part of you needs to perform or act. No part of you needs to hide (unless she wants to). Here is where your resistance is valued and your deepest most resonating shadow self is allowed to step forward.

The truth is, you are wise beyond reason.

You have everything you need within you to return to your wholeness and reclaim your power.

In circle, we are here to WITNESS you in that.

What to expect in circle

Every circle looks and feels different, depending on the energy cultivated by the facilitator and those who are present.
Typically, a circle will have:

  • An opening ritual or invocation for grounding and arriving into the space.
  • An altar in the center consisting of any tools and elements of nature such as crystals, flowers, smudging sticks, oracle cards, and essential oils.
  • A sharing circle for each woman to speak and be heard.
  • A closing ritual to end the ceremony.

The theme of every circle also varies.

I’ve been to circles themed around women empowerment, the Goddess archetypes, creativity, feminine energy, inner child healing, energy healing, trauma healing, intuition activation and pleasure power. Some circles are also hosted virtually.

I host two circles a month around the new moon and full moon energies. I attune to the energy of the moon phase and it’s astrology, and create a theme that speaks of its nature and collective consciousness.

I also intuitively feel into the energy of the women coming to circle that evening and include that in my offering.

Circle is also a beautiful harmony of masculine and feminine energies. In circle, we adhere to a set of agreements that create the safe container for freedom of expression. While the practice of women’s circles is feminine in nature, like all things, both masculine and feminine must be honored.

In its essence, circle is about cultivating community and connection. How you show up is entirely up to you.

At the end of experience, it doesn’t matter what was said or done, what does matter is you leave feeling heart wide open.

Join a Circle

Experience circle for yourself. I host two women’s circles a month in San Diego, with a few online circles throughout the year.

Host a Circle

I am offering my very first training “How to Facilitate Circle” on October 19th in San Diego.

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