Radical Rising

A Women of Color Call to Healing & Culture-Making

Radical Rising is a women & femmes of color call to healing and culture-making.

It is a trauma-informed space to have the hard-to-have conversations about decolonization, undoing internalized oppression and healing across timelines and generations.

Through powerful relating, we’ll co-create the space to receive and be received for our body-centered truth.

The act of showing up itself is an act of reclamation, for you are saying yes to dismantling the culture that conditions us to self-isolate and repress our heart-centered, womb-powered creative and erotic self-expression.

It’s a space to slowly, but surely, unravel into the depth of eternal wisdom and self-love that is already within your soma and spirit.

Guided by an experienced facilitator (@denisedimensional), Radical Rising is where we’ll not only share the threads of our collective grief and rage, but also celebrate our collective joy and wisdom towards the felt-sense remembrance of our internal, inherent worthiness and power.

We believe that what we embody; interdependence and interconnection, consensual culture, radical self-love, sacred self-healing and decentralized leadership ultimately becomes the culture in which liberation and right-relationship with the earth, ourselves and each other is uplifted and upheld.

Through guided visualizations, journaling prompts and conversation starters, we’re here to do the inner work together.

The qualities and textures you might expect? Softness and slowness. Intensity met with titration and a whole lotta resource. Power with and power together. Body-based and circular leadership. Permission to come and be as you are {being a part of the conversation doesn’t mean you have to say anything}. Connection over vulnerable truth-telling.

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August 18th • 5pm PST • Body + Energy
September 16th • 5pm PST • Sexuality + Pleasure
October 16th • 5pm PST • Culture + Consent

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