Circle Leadership with Goddess Fight Club

7-week training on becoming a circle leader

The Goddess Fight Club Women’s Circle Leadership is a beginner-level trauma-informed training for all womxn passionate about gathering womxn for healing while building sisterhood through community and tribe.

ancient wisdom. safe sisterhood. strength through vulnerability.

Hi beautiful soul,

I was laying in bed on a warm July in 2016 with an aching heart. My friend had just phoned me to share her experience of sexual assault. Not knowing it in that moment, I was aching for my own unhealed (at the time) trauma of sexual abuse and assault.

I had a deep longing for sisterhood; somewhere to feel safe enough to share my story and begin the work of healing together. I did my research and couldn’t find anything that stood out to me as a resource for healing.

It wasn’t until March of 2018 when I hosted my first women’s circle. 13 women showed up. We talked about intuition because it was what I had the most curiousity about. Each woman celebrated being seen and heard. They all wanted more.

Since then, I’ve hosted over 75 circles both in-person and online. It continues to be a core medicine of all my offerings. I can’t have women in a room without bringing in the subtle yet powerful energies of circle leadership.

I am so passionate about women’s circles because I’ve witnessed the most incredible transformations in circle. Women just have to show up and let the magic of circle do its work. I created this training so that more women could have access to their own inner wisdom by being in circle and taking it one step further through leading their own heart-centered circles. 

If you have been desiring a way to connect with other womXN, grow your tribe and WANT learn the subtle energetics of holding safe space in a group setting, I’d love to work together.

This training is for the womxn who…

💜 Is a naturally gifted intuitive, healer, coach and teacher.
💜 Loves being around other womxn and can connect to the power of authentic vulnerability in sisterhood.
💜 Is ready to trust herself to hold a safe, trauma-informed group container.
💜 Is ready to take her business to the next level and create the space to meet new womxn while offering an ancient, sacred medicine.
💜 Feels spiritually guided to hold space for other women without needing to fix or judge them.
💜 Loves all things mystical, energetic, and spiritual.
💜 Believes that everything is energy and she has the power to hold the vibration of love first and foremost.
💜 Has a vision for her soul’s mission and circle leadership will support her in creating it.
💜 Knows that she has a lot to learn along the way and trusts herself to receive the lessons and integrate them over time.
💜 Wants a small and doable yet powerful way to supplement her income.

I just got home from Denise’s circle tonight and it was hands down one of the most powerful, healing, impactful experiences I’ve ever had (and I’ve had quite a LOT). The women she sourced, the safety everyone felt was beyond. The vulnerability was profound and I witnessed women going to depths they never before knew how to access. It was so beautiful and deeply activating for me.

– Zoe F.

How it Works

This experience begins Tuesday, January 7th at 6:30pm. We will meet every week at the same time for 7 weeks. Each call will be 2 hours long and will be led as a women’s circle. You’ll also be invited into a group chat.

The cost for the full 7 weeks is $222.

You will learn:

✨ The origins of women’s circles and why it’s a powerful healing modality.
✨ How to create and facilitate the subtle energetics of circle from beginning to end.
✨ When to follow your intuition or stick to the script.
✨ How to embody and call forward vulnerability as a key to creating deeper connection within your women’s circle
✨ How to be trauma-informed in your language and what to do when it comes up during circle.
✨ How to activate the frequency of bliss and connection in your women’s circle.
✨ Ways to maintain your energy and self-care practices as a circle facilitator
✨ How to work with emotions and creating a safe container for the women in your circle for deeper connection and vulnerability.

Denise is a natural teacher and her passion for helping women heal their traumas shines through. She is a trailblazer in the healing space– creating spaces and environments for women to come together and find healing in community. When I hit rock bottom years ago, I was looking for a place where I could just be myself and allow myself to feel the way I did, but I also needed support and inspiration to keep powering through my blocks. Denise brings all of that into her circles — and this training! I not only learned logistics, strategies and the purpose of circles– but this also benefited me on a personal level, highlighting some fears that I’ve already started addressing — and that’s ok! Denise leads by example and is relate-able because she is willing to share her experiences so vulnerably. Because she has done the work, she understands that healing can be a lengthy and challenging process; but having sisters beside you makes the journey a lot more manageable. After this training, I feel confident in being able to hold space for women to convene, heal and find their power in community. It’s my purpose!. Thank you Denise, for bringing women together, reminding us of our strengths and being a loving catalyst for personal development.

Elena L.

Week 1

Agreements & welcome to the sisterhood

Week 2

The Origins of Circle, Circle & Ritual as Medicine

Week 3

The Subtle Energetics of Circle pt. 1 

Week 4

The Subtle Energetics of Circle Pt. 2.

Week 5

Trauma 101 and How to Hold Safe Space

Week 6

Leadership in Circle & Your Role as the facilitator

Week 7

Hosting your first circle

Denise’s workshop How to Facilitate Women’s Circle was everything I expected and more. I loved that she incorporated women’s circle elements such as exploring our surroundings and sharing within a circle formation. It helped me to feel safe and able to express my truth throughout the day. She packed a TON of valuable information into the workshop, while allowing time for interactions to help us integrate what we learned. She guided each of us in identifying our desires, questions, and fears around the prospect of facilitating circle, and by the end of it I not only had more confidence and knowledge, I also had new ideas for how I would facilitate a circle in my own unique way. As I’ve come to learn from being around Denise in circle and through her services, her style is to lead by example. She offers knowledge, information, and supportive encouragement in a way that is extremely intuitive, honest, respectful, and kind. A highlight of this workshop is that she is trauma-informed and shares valuable trauma-related information and ways to be mindful of people’s needs. One of my favorite Aha! moments of circle was when Denise defined “medicine” as “anything that heals.” Speaking from my own experience, women’s circles are medicine; sisterhood is medicine. This workshop was offered with the intention of spreading the medicine: the healing found in intentional community. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in learning how to facilitate circle and who wants to learn from someone who cares deeply about healing this world.
Jennifer B.

What is a women’s circle?

A women’s circle is an unforgettable experience.

It’s a co-created SACRED space of safety and sisterhood where each woman present gets to be seen and heard.

Women’s circles are all about cultivating inner and outer connection. When women come together, magic happens through their shared experiences, intuitive power and sacred wisdom.