Healing Circles

Goddess Fight Club

Each month on the Friday closest to the new moon, Goddess Fight Club meets as a sisterhood. This experience is unlike any other as each circle invites the energy of the new moon. Connect with the divine essence within you as we explore themes of the divine feminine and masculine within us.


CoreVisions (inside Lighthouse Salon)
3081 University Ave,
San Diego, CA 92104

Women's Healing Circle

This healing circle is focused on themes around spiritual self-healing. The full moon is a powerful time with lots of cosmic energy that illuminates our shadow self through old patterns and beliefs. A time to release what no longer serves through conscious re-patterning and calling in what brings your closer to your wholeness.


The Metta Space
3060 Adams Ave,
San Diego, CA 92116

Bring a journal, pen, and something to hydrate with
Optional: yoga mat and/or your favorite meditation pillow (blankets will be provided to sit on)
You can also bring something for the altar if it calls to you
Wear comfortable, warm clothing such as socks and hoodies

Questions? Email me at denisedimensional@gmail.com

Disclaimer: With the exception of Trauma Healing Circle, both Goddess Fight Club and Women’s Healing Circle are open to female-identifying bodies and non-binary women. For the latter folks, while I continuously strive to create a sense of safety for everyone present, I invite you to check in with yourself and feel into being in a space with women. If it feels edgy, is it something you’d like to explore and cultivate community with? If so, we can’t wait to meet you. Each circle carries a unique vibration, as we work with the energy of the sisters present so please let me know how I may best meet your needs.

Denise creates a safe, comfortable, welcoming and light environment for expressing emotion and vulnerability. She provides solace and strength for myself and other women. I highly recommend Goddess Fight Club for women who are seeking connection, peace and vulnerability with others and yourself.

- Nikki M.

Host a Circle!

Want to create a unique, safe space for you and your community? I’d love to co-host a circle with you. Themes can include:
💜 Birthday Parties
💜 Bachelorette Parties
💜 Menstruation Celebrations
💜 Oracle Circle/Soul Purpose Exploration
If you’d like to know more, send me a message!

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