How to Facilitate Circle

A 6-Hour Workshop for Spiritual Healers

Calling all spiritual healers ready to expand their tribe!

Have you envisioned leading women through deeper connection and breakthroughs within themselves?

Have you dreamed of holding safe space for women in your own unique and authentic way?

Are you craving an outlet to share your vision and mission for the Highest Good of our community?

Now is your time.

Are you ready for the tools and you need to feel ready to launch your own women’s circle or group?

This workshop is designed for you!

What is a women’s circle?

A women’s circle is an unforgettable experience.

It’s a co-created SACRED space of safety and sisterhood where each woman present gets to be seen and heard.

Women’s circles are all about cultivating inner and outer connection. When women come together, magic happens through their shared experiences, intuitive power and sacred wisdom.

How to Facilitate Circle is for the spiritual healers, community builders, life coaches, reiki practitioners, social workers, and all-around light-worker who is READY to take her tribe to the next level.

In this 6-hour workshop, you will learn:

✨ The origins of circle and why it’s a powerful healing modality.
✨ How to manage the energy of the participants and room when facilitating circle
✨ When to follow your intuition or stick to the script with the ebb and flow of circle
✨ How to embody and call forward vulnerability as a key to creating deeper connection within your women’s circle
✨ Denise’s process for holding space when trauma shows up within your women’s circle
✨ How to activate the frequency of bliss and connection in your women’s circle
✨ Ways to maintain your energy and self-care practices as a circle facilitator
✨ How to work with emotions and creating a safe container for the women in your circle for deeper connection and vulnerability.

Early bird spots now open (save $34).

*limited to 10 women only*

I just got home from Denise’s circle tonight and it was hands down one of the most powerful, healing, impactful experiences I’ve ever had (and I’ve had quite a LOT). The women she sourced, the safety everyone felt was beyond. The vulnerability was profound and I witnessed women going to depths they never before knew how to access. It was so beautiful and deeply activating for me.

– Zoe F.

About Denise

Since February 2018, Denise has hosted over 75+ circles, both in-person and online.

Her love for gathering women began with her own experience of circle through yoga teacher training while simultaneously participating in a 4-week online Goddess group.

Denise was amazed by the depth of connection and healing power of sacred vulnerability. Her biggest breakthroughs in healing have happened while in circle with other women. 

Her life mission to offer safe spaces to as many women possible – and that’s where you come in!

Save Your Seat

*limited spots available

Saturday, October 19th, 10am-4pm in San Diego

Not in San Diego? Send me an email at to let me know! I’m considering an online version of this training.

How to Facilitate Circle

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