Soul Embodiment

A BIPOC Women & Femmes Healing Immersion

Soul Embodiment

is a 13-week group program for women, femmes and non-binary folks of color (BIPOC) ready to embody self-trust and inherent worthiness, heal their intergenerational & interpersonal trauma and take up space with their truth, purpose & power as an embodiment of liberation and resistance.

Dear woman of color, what if I told you:

our joy and liberation is at stake? 

Imagine having an unwavering truth-telling compass within; a body intuition that holds the blueprint for healing and transformation- both for ourselves and those we love.

Imagine feeling radically liberated to embody your whole self, your creativity and shamelessly express your story, feelings and truths.

Imagine an unbreakable sense of self-trust and grounded worthiness in the face of the oppressive dynamics of whiteness, patriarchy and capitalism.

Imagine healing with a community of BIPOC women, femmes and non-binary folks where our joy and pleasure is made sacred at the altar of our creative power.

What would be possible for you?

For generations, so many of us have kept our truest feelings repressed, atrophied our needs for others, overridden our intuition, and carried shame for simply existing in a culture and system dominated by the colonial capitalist patriarchy.

It’s our time to take up space with our voice, our needs, our desires and our truth so that we may embody our essence-nature and serve our communities on the path of collective liberation and healing.

But how do we get there?

This might be for you if you are..

  • A woman, femme or non-binary feminine-presenting person of color.
  • Committed to decolonizing your worthiness and wellness, as well as the collective narrative, socialization and culture we co-create.
  • Ready to unpack and understand how their developmental, intergenerational and systemic trauma is currently impacting their lived experiences.
  • Willing to question and look at the impact of colonization, white supremacy, capitalism and patriarchy in your own life, not just as a system “out there”.
  • Possibly a healer, mentor, teacher, guide, energy practitioner, circle facilitator, caregiver, medicine woman, empath and highly sensitive space holder, therapist, or coach (in the making or otherwise) and want to serve your community in a way that regenerates your life force and creativity.
  • Craving a deeper connection to an inner compass, your body intuition and blueprint of health, so that you can stop repeating patterns of repression, numbness, isolation, codependency and/or self-neglect.
  • Willing to make the financial, energetic and emotional investment in healing trauma and undoing internalized oppression.
  • Excited about being in community with other BIPOC doing the work alongside you, and feel open to being supported and witnessed in your process.
  • Wanting to learn and have a foundational understanding of somatic healing for trauma resolution.

*This space is open to anyone who identifies as women, regardless of sexual orientation and gender assigned at birth. It is also open to femmes who may identify as non-binary, queer, transgender, intersex, asexual and allied. If you’re curious and want to learn more, or wondering if this is program is the right fit for you, schedule a call with me using any of the buttons on this page.

“Learning alongside Denise has been nothing short of magic and magnetism! Inspired by synchronicity and guided by intuition, my spiritual journey has grown in ways I didn’t even imagine were possible. I received Reiki Levels I and II training under Denise, and not only did she offer the wisdom and information effectively and intentionally, but she also was able to hold space for my own expressions of meaning-making. After just a few hours with her, I felt invited to engage with myself and the world through a new, transformative lens. It has deepened my connection to the natural world and stretched my capacity to show up authentically in relationships and in community.

Denise has helped me put language to experiences that have spent so long swirling around inside of me. I have many words and embodied moments to describe how Denise’s radiant spirit and skills with intuitive work have renewed and empowered me. As a result, I can’t wait to continue letting myself be curious, playful, and grateful!”

Elley B.

“Really incredible meditations that reached deep within and brought up realizations. Seeing how far Denise has come in her healing journey is so empowering and gives me so much hope for myself as well.”
Megan H.

Soul Embodiment

is centered around three core capacities:

Grow in capacity to feel our pleasure & Pain

I believe that if we can grow, little by little, the capacity in our bodies to feel pleasure and pain, hold complexities and conflicting truths, then we can begin to meet our trauma. We can look at the system that oppress us and say, “no.” instead of shutting down, dissociating or assimilating. 

connect to our body intuition TO embody our soul's medicine

We are spiritual beings having a human experience, and our body is the vessel. When we embody our soul’s medicine, we all get to play our unique part in changing the narrative and shifting the dynamic towards collective healing, justice and liberation, including reparations for Black, Brown & Indigenous communities. 

Take up space with our embodied expression & essence-nature

Our bodies of color taking up spaces in historically and majority white spaces is radical. Imagine women and femmes of color in every corner of the world embodying the fullness of their medicine, their joy and lived experiences. Imagine centering the needs of communities that have been exploited for centuries. It starts with us.

Why? When you embody these capacities, you can:

  • finally center your needs and desires in a way that co-creates interdependence, integrity and sovereignty,
  • reclaim the narrative around your intuition, feelings, & success, and create your own definitions of being a woman, femme, and/or non-binary person of color.
  • feel liberated in shamelessly expressing your truth, boundaries and lived experience as it emerges in real-time,
  • break intergenerational & collective trauma spells that have kept you silent, playing small, and afraid to resist oppressive dynamics, 
  • serve your community in a way that centers your grounded worthiness, sacred sovereignty and whole-self expression.
  • and, most importantly, liberate yourself from systems of capitalism, white supremacy and patriarchy so that we can contribute to reparations, advocate for humanity and collective healing.

How this works

Beautiful soul,

This experience is a 13-week long immersion into embodying your essence-nature; a blueprint of health that carries the inherent wisdom and soulful secrets to healing imprints of developmental, intergenerational and collective trauma.

The course is designed so that you’ll receive both impactful, grounded lessons on somatic trauma resolution, and curated community gatherings to foster connection and belonging. Plus, we’ll have integration weeks in between where you can opt into a q&a + Reiki energy healing session or rest and digest on your own.

This trauma-informed space centers our experiences as BIPOC living in a culture where the embodiment of our whole-self tends to come at a cost. Through gentle guidance, growing resilience and the willingness to face our shadow, we’ll witness and co-create the embodiment of liberation that is possible for us all together.

The program includes.. 

6 recorded modules of lessons and doable integration practices so that you can

  • Understand a spiritual-somatic approach to healing and resistance,
  • Know how to meet, process and heal your trauma through understanding of trauma responses and nervous system dynamics,
  • Integrate the awareness you already have relating to your patterns and relational dynamics.

4 community care circles facilitated by a trauma-informed intuitive space holder so that you can

  • Move through the work together and practice collective wisdom,
  • Heal through vulnerable relating, expressing your truth and
  • Be witnessed, uplifted and celebrated by BIPOC women, femmes and non-binary folks doing the work alongside you.

3 rest & digest weeks with a Q&A + Reiki session, or take these weeks off so that you can:

  • Practice prioritizing what you truly need; a day off to do as you please, and/or soften into receptivity and care.
  • Resist overworking and overwhelming our nervous system by allowing for parasympathetic rest & digest
  • Grow in resilience and capacity to protect your sacred sovereignty.
“The passion Denise holds for helping women heal is shown through every action she takes. This is seen in the way she dresses, the way she encourages women to not be afraid of their truths, and how she supports others on their journeys to become healers. The sisterhood she creates in her circles makes you feel both integral to the group and empowered as an individual. The beauty and intent she brings to her alters and the knowledge she nurtures in those around her proves that she is doing this work to to help all women and the world heal. She is truly a wonderful healer who brings nothing but abundance, acceptance and appreciation to the safe space that she provides.”
Annalisa S.

The Investment


pay in full or
$444/month for 3 months + 1x $15 tx fee.

“The first women’s circle I ever attended was facilitated by Denise. Deeply intuitive and compassionate, she is a master at holding space. Outside of circle, I’ve gotten to know her through several of her offerings. The most recent of which was her somatic healing group called Embodied Truth-telling: an online women and femmes group in which she created safe space to learn about and embody trauma resolution practices.

Y’all. She is the real deal when it comes to deep healing work.

While healing has been a long and arduous journey for me, what I learn from Denise has always felt like the forefront of my progress. I love to support her because she shows up again and again walking her talk. She embodies and exemplifies what she teaches, AND doesn’t act like a superhuman or holier than thou. She embraces her humanity by humbly and vulnerably sharing about it with others.”

Jenn B.

What became possible for me… 

I created this program because I know exactly what it’s like to be doing everything on my own, while making sure everyone around me got what they needed, overriding my true yes or no for the sake of appeasing, and feeling unsafe to share how I truly felt or my story and opinions, especially as a woman of color in a white supremacist culture.

I used to find it really hard to experience pleasure and joy.

I also would find myself isolated and alone, a self-fulfilling prophecy that pushed people away as soon as I began to find intimacy and closeness.

I felt that the expression of my fullness was too much, too queer, too loud, too bossy, too wild, too erotic— a product of patriarchal conditioning.

Over the last three years, I’ve been committed to healing the patterns and trauma that kept me limited in my capacity to take up space and share my medicine.

Through embodied and spiritual practices such as yoga, Reiki, intuitive & psychic development, subconscious mind reprogramming and community medicine, it’s come down to the final missing piece- somatic healing.

As soon as I began to integrate everything I’ve learned at the level of my body, listened to and harmonized with the needs and energetics within, things began to transform– this time with tangible results.

I’ve grown in my capacity to feel pleasure, center my needs, say NO when I mean no, and most importantly, re-focus on my soul’s desire to serve and uplift BIPOC healing and liberation.

Because I’m no longer running the hamster wheel of overwhelm and burn out,
because I’m no longer forcing myself to do everything on my own, and
because I now know how to navigate when trauma responses and power dynamics are taking over—

I feel more devoted to serving my community more than ever.

I blend a spiritual somatic approach to trauma resolution as means of guiding us home to the best parts of our lineage- the ones that resisted and were resilient in the face of violence and oppression.

Soul Embodiment is the foundational framework to my healing approach.

“Denise is a natural teacher and her passion for helping women heal their traumas shines through. She is a trailblazer in the healing space– creating spaces and environments for women to come together and find healing in community. When I hit rock bottom years ago, I was looking for a place where I could just be myself and allow myself to feel the way I did, but I also needed support and inspiration to keep powering through my blocks. Denise brings all of that into her circles — and this training!

Denise leads by example and is relate-able because she is willing to share her experiences so vulnerably. Because she has done the work, she understands that healing can be a lengthy and challenging process; but having sisters beside you makes the journey a lot more manageable.

Thank you Denise, for bringing women together, reminding us of our strengths and being a loving catalyst for personal development.”

Elena L.

Frequently Asked Questions
On the Schedule

We will begin on Wednesday, December 5th at 5pm PST and meet weekly, alternating between 6 lessons, 4 circles, and 3 weeks off for rest & digest.

  • Week 1: Opening Circle
  • Week 2: Lesson
  • Week 3: Q&A + Reiki session (optional- you can choose to take this week off)
  • Week 4: Lesson
  • Week 5-13: Repeat from Week 1
On the lesson topics
Here are the lesson topics, which are subject to change based on the needs of the group.

Module 1: The Unbreakable Core: Your Essence Nature.

What does soul embodiment mean anyway? What spirituality have to do with somatic healing? In this module, you’ll be guided into your soul’s potentiality as a human. An expansive experience filled with tender possibilities and hope for humanity.

  • Manifestation from the Cosmos
  • Blueprint of health
  • Life force energy – inherent treatment plan
  • Resourcing and attuning to health

Module 2: Decolonizing our Health & Wellness

What does colonization have to do with it? How does collective healing happen when one becomes liberated? Buckle up for some hard-hitting truths about the reality of our current culture. Fret not, we’ll also carve the path of possibility and healing.

  • Impact of colonization
  • Cultural context (cultural somatics)
  • Body-based healing – dantian / hara
  • The subtle body & fractal embodiment

Module 3: Growing our Capacity & Resilience

What do we need in order to grow in capacity to meet the challenges of our current society? What’s possible when we move away from non-binary thinking to gradient possibilities?

  • Small and doable choices
  • From black/white to gradient possibilities
  • Meeting intense emotions and titration
  • Self-consent- do I have the capacity to meet this right now?

Module 4: Trauma Responses & The Nervous System

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of trauma resolution.

  • What is trauma and how does it happen?
  • How does trauma show up? Hyper/hypo responses
  • Window of tolerance/presence
  • Rest & Digest

Module 5: Intergenerational Patterns & Breaking the Cycle

How is trauma passed down from generation to generation? What do we need to heal and break the cycle?

  • Worthiness & Receptivity
  • Fractal healing
  • Creating new results with Somatic Healing
  • Working with activation/triggers

Module 6: Embodied Truth-Telling & Sacred Sexuality

What’s possible when we can meet our shame? What would it look like to hold the intensity of what once kept us small and frozen?

  • Sacred sovereignty
  • Healing shame
  • Working with freeze energy
  • Healing through relationships and truth-telling – NVC, naming needs
On time commitment
This work takes time. This isn’t a one-stop shop for undoing internalized oppression- something that we’ve inherited over the last 400+ years. This program is designed to offer you the tools, practices and healing so that you can begin the journey. On a more practical note, the lesson calls (6x) and community care circles (4x) are attendance required. They will be hosted for no more than 2 hours. The Q&A + Reiki sessions are optional, at 1 hour each. You’ll also be invited to participate in our community hub, where we’ll maintain our connection outside of the sessions.
On refund policy
Typically, refunds will not be made for payments already made, but you won’t be responsible for any future payments. There will also be a process for closing the energetic container in a way that will be supportive in both parties (me and you) feeling seen, heard and ready to end the container sooner than expected.
On white-passing BIPOC
White-passing Indigenous and mixed race folks are welcomed to this space, however, it is important that you understand the privilege afforded to you due to your proximity to whiteness. In this program, we’ll be centering the lived experiences of the Black, Indigenous and People of Color and ask that you commit to learning and unlearning with us.
On Accessibility
At the moment, I do not have the resources to accommodate people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing without a hearing aid. I am happy and willing to receive requests for closed captioning on the video recordings, and will be taking the time to explore how I can create more accessibility across the board. Thank you for the labor in making your needs known.
On Making the calls
The lessons and community care circles are highly, highly recommended, if not required for the full experience. While I cannot (and will not) guarantee results, I do know that repetition, iteration and mirroring are powerful practices that create lasting transformation. The Q&A + Reiki calls are optional.
On Payment Plans
I am happy to explore extended payment plans or other if the $444/month option doesn’t work for you. While I don’t want money to be a barrier to accessing this program, I also want to advocate for this being an investment in yourself and your healing. If I were you, I’d trust your sense for the value of this offering and what you’re ready to say yes to. Let’s hop on a call and see what could be possible for you.
“I just got home from Denise’s circle tonight and it was hands down one of the most powerful, healing, impactful experiences I’ve ever had (and I’ve had quite a LOT). The women she sourced, the safety everyone felt was beyond. The vulnerability was profound and I witnessed women going to depths they never before knew how to access. It was so beautiful and deeply activating for me.”
Zoe F.

Looking for Depth in 1:1 Support?

There are 3 spots open for a 1:1 experience.  There are two options: $555 for 3x 1:1 monthly sessions or upgrade to a highly personalized program that will help you integrate all that you’re learning in real time over 5 months ($311/month). To get started, schedule a feeler call below.

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Denise  (she/her).

I’ve been on a healing journey around reclaiming and expressing my truth for the last 3 years. I’ve learned how to be with shame and grief, set and uphold boundaries, and have really difficult conversations with people that I care deeply about.

The skills that I now have in embodied truth-telling, capacity for difficulty and fearlessness in setting boundaries (including changing my mind) are bolstered by personal somatic and soulful trauma resolution and being witnessed in the process of unraveling into full-bodied resonance and safe vulnerability. I couldn’t have done one without the other.

Like many of you, I’ve been aware of and feeling my way through an intense year. Most recently, the uprising and revolution of the Black Lives Matter movement personally brought up generations of internalized oppression that were within my shadow body. To my pleasure and surprise, I had much more capacity for the challenging emotions that came up for me, along with the embodied capacity for mobilization and taking action. I was able to notice my nervous system patterns kicking into effect, and made the choices that would nourish, support and create more doability in how I wanted to contribute.

While I am actively in the process of undoing colonialist and patriarchal values within, there is a long way to go before systemic and cultural justice and liberation. The revolution has just begun. 

I’ve been quietly wishing for the blueprint essence of my innate wisdom and worthiness to be the center of my capacity to love myself and others.

I’m devoted to bringing my experience and wisdom in somatic trauma resolution and circle healing to the cultural and systemic challenges we face.

I’m ready to share my medicine of embodied truth-telling with women of color who are ready to receive and practice it for themselves.

Please note that I am not a licensed therapist and am not liable for decisions made around your mental health and wellbeing, including prescribed medications or care. Please consult your physician or therapist for professional recommendations.
My leadership & teaching style is

Intuitive & Insightful.
Soulful & Spiritual.
Grounded & Graceful.
Chock-full of Care & Compassion.
Down to Earth & Down to Adapt as Needed.

“Goddess Fight Club gave me so many things. Sisterhood. A safe space to be vulnerable. Connection. Joy.

I went to Goddess Fight Club without knowing what to expect. I was nervous. I didn’t know anyone. Denise warmly welcomed me and helped me to feel comfortable. As the night went on and all of the beautiful sisters were opening up and sharing their hearts, I felt a deep sense of connection and joy. Over time, after attending many Goddess Fight Club circles, I began to open up and learn how to receive. I was safe to be me. I was supported. I began to let out my voice that I had suppressed for so long, and it felt incredible.

Denise is a master facilitator who brings together AMAZING women and makes you feel comfortable, supported, and included.  I am confident that you will feel a great sense of connection, gratitude, and joy after attending a Goddess Fight Club circle.”

Bridget H.

Identity Statement
I’m a cis-female WOC immigrant, born and raised in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. I am fourth-generation Malaysian Chinese, and my ancestors were migrants from China during British colonialism of Malaya (now known as Malaysia). I was raised Christian, although my spiritual practice transcends religion and is now based in Classical Tantra. I live, love and work on Kumeyaay territory, so-called San Diego with my partner and our blue nose pit bull, Ruckus.

My astrology signs are Cancer sun, Virgo rising and Libra moon. I’m an INFJ, a Manifestor in Human Design and enneagram 2/4.

I am an embodied trauma resolution guide, womxn’s circle facilitator, and a student and teacher of spirituality with a background in Reiki energy healing, ThetaHealing and channeling the Akashic Records. I’m committed to the practice of embodiment and often find a crystalline mirror of my psyche in the body-based work of healing personal and inherited trauma.

I’m growing into my legacy as a sacred space holder and healer, and have recently been called to deepen my wisdom and embodied understanding of the ‘collective trauma spell’, as my mentor and teacher Rachael Maddox says. I understand this to be the white supremacist colonial capitalist patriarchy and I’m committed to the work of undoing internalized oppression perpetuated by this system and culture both within myself and in community.

I love feeling my feet in nature. Cool ocean water, warm sand, prickly grass between my toes. I’m a big fan of Quentin Tarantino movies, the New York Yankees and prancing around half naked in my home to everything from The Killers to Poolside. My pleasure practice includes meditating in nature, pole dancing, morning ritual and prayer, making myself a warm home-cooked meal, self-pleasure dates and intuitive movement.

Training & Education

  • ReBloom Coach Training Level 2 :: Apprentice Track with Rachael Maddox (June 2020-present)
  • Spiritual Activism 101 & 102 with Rachel Ricketts (June 2020)
  • Cultural Somatics :: Ritual as Justice 101 with Tada Hozumi and Dare Sohei (April 2020 – June 2020)
  • Reclaiming Intuition by Decolonizing Minds with Dr. Rocio Rosales Meza (3-hr webinar replay in April 2020)
  • FREELY anti-capitalist pricing with Bear Hebert (3-pt course in April 2020)
  • ReBloom Coach Training Level 1 with Rachael Maddox (January 2020-April 2020)
  • 300-hr MindBody Therapy Certification with Embodied Philosophy (September 2019 – paused)
  • Consensual Business Course with Rachael Maddox (November-December 2019)
  • ThetaHealing Basic, Advanced and Dig Deeper with Marie Miller (January-March 2019)
  • 100-hr Anusara Immersion for Classical Tantra with Robin Christ (January-March 2019)
  • Reiki Mastership Level 3 & 4 with Shawna Schenk (September 2018-August 2019)
  • Open Your Akashic Records Level 1 & 2 with Joanna Turner (August-October 2018)
  • Reiki Energy Healing Level 1 & 2 with Melanie Esperon (April 2018)
  • Prison Yoga Project :: Trauma-Informed Yoga (January 2018)
  • The BRAVE Project :: Certification Training for Sexual Violence (November-December 2017)
  • 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training and Positive Psychology with Karson McGinley and Tierney Lawson (September 2017-December 2017)
What other clients have said working with me:

“When Denise told me she was holding a trauma course, I knew I needed to take it. Denise had helped me work through some unwanted beliefs I was holding onto and wanted to be free of. She was able to help me identify them, process them and grow. She used Reiki, Theta, group calls, online courses, podcasts, books and online worksheets to allow a small group of local women to build a support network with open and honest communication, involving vulnerability that has created friendships that will last long past the course ending.

Denise has strong healing powers, that she uses to educate theoretical work in a fun and playful way. She has a calm energy, perfect for blissful meditations. We’ve all been asking for recordings. She amazes me as to how she genuinely holds space for all her clients. I told Denise I wanted to be a different person in a year. I’ve been working with her for 5 months and I’ve grown so much; enough that many people around me have made comments on the change. Not only that, but I’m seeing real change in my life.  I’m grateful for the day I met Denise, because this type of trauma healing has been so much more holistic than talking to a therapist. I can’t stress enough how important this work is to people, who are carrying around unwanted baggage.”

– Celena H.

“Denise has always remained empathetic in her presence. Being able to have her as a guide has allowed me the freedom to speak freely from my heart about my troubles and joys. She is always present to listen and offers advice on direction when needed. Denise has been an incredible mentor throughout my self-healing journey and i know she will continue to touch lives and empower women like myself in the future.

Understanding the capacity of power I hold as an individual has been incredibly ground-breaking throughout my journey. I have become more self-aware in every thought, word, and action and it has driven me to take full responsibility for the young woman that i am. I have gained knowledge about communicating in non-violent ways that will continue to guide my conversations with family and friends, old and new. Over the last few months, I have practiced becoming more present in my body and understanding the emotional triggers that reveal truths about myself. ”

– Kenzie F.

“I have had both Reiki and ThetaHealing sessions with Denise. She is a lovely person and so comforting to be around. Her sessions have helped me a lot through my healing journey and I am very grateful to have met and been able to do work with her. I have learned a lot and gained a new positive outlook after each session. Denise has a wonderful presence which instantly makes you feel comfortable. Her ThetaHealing sessions have been very transformative and have helped me reach a deeper understanding of myself. During her sessions I felt extremely relaxed and at ease. I have greatly enjoyed getting reiki from her and plan to continue to go to her. I highly recommend Denise to anyone, she is respectful and truly cares about helping people.”

– Zaria S.

“As soon as I walked in the door, there was a neutral, warm, inviting energy. Denise welcomed me with a grounding meditation that brought us to our sacred soul space and entered the Akashic records. She right away received a clear picture of what I was explaining and led me to an empowering feeling that I had known all that she was accessing. It felt like she was traveling through my journey with me, accessing my soul’s memory. There was a powerful gentleness that felt guiding and encouraging to go forth in my soul’s path. Her intuition sparked many seeds of growth through understanding how the Akashic records directly related to the topic I presented. She is highly intuitive, present, and aligned.”

– Madison D.

“The best part of working with Denise is that she holds space for your personal growth. She doesn’t claim to be able to heal all your problems or to have the magical tool that will do so. But she does hold the space and help guide you during the processes of you making those changes for yourself. She is also not set in her own way of doing things. She will suggest other practices or techniques that you are free to explore, and she will never take credit for someone else’s work. Denise holds a love filled space for personal growth and healing, while being truly authentic and full of integrity.”

– Anon.

“Denise shined light into each of our shadow selves, but also our greater selves. Having her share her insight on each of our needs for healing encouraged each of us to pave a path towards a brighter “next step”. I know for me, it was that I was lost and didn’t really understand where my suffering was coming from. But with her guidance in these sessions, I was way more enlightened and am more aware of how I can help myself through the lows I feel throughout my life.”

– Sarah K.

“Denise, thank you for sharing words of wisdom and putting each of the girl’s experience into a common knowledge or common theme that erupts when trauma is being shared or experienced. It allowed me to see my experiences as unique, but most importantly as a shared experience. The knowledge and advice that you provided allowed me to feel heard and validated in my experiences and that goes such a long way for the process of HEALING! Thank you.”

– Kim R.