A women’s retreat in Joshua Tree

Jan 18-21, 2019


“Thriving is what was meant for us on this earth. Thriving, not just surviving, is our birthright as women.”
Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Women Who Run with the Wolves

if you are longing to get away

to come back to yourself

to be nourished by sisterhood

to share your stories

to take care of your body

to get lost in the desert

and gaze up at the stars…

come join us.

UNRAVEL is a 3-night retreat for women who want to experience and co-create a space of safety, rest, healing, nourishment, and deeper connection to self and each other. Because we value depth and intimacy, we’re holding space for just 8 women.

Together, we will enjoy:
🌵 MOVEMENT: yoga, dance, and walks in Joshua Tree National Park
🌵 NATURE: stargazing, sunset-viewing, and wandering around the desert
🌵 SLOWNESS: meditation, reflection, and much-needed rest
🌵 HEALING + TRANSFORMATION: sharing your stories and experiences, learning from each other, and lots and lots of safety, support, and guidance
🌵 SISTERHOOD: lots of quality time to connect, celebrate your uniqueness and connectedness, and to remember that you are never alone on this journey <3

“Spending quality time with other women while surrounded by nature was a truly magical experience. I spent the weekend connecting deeply with myself — through reflection and collective processing, I was able to work through personal roadblocks that have been holding me back for years.

Gabby V

“The retreat was an amazing mix of inner exploration, healing, connectivity and silly fun! The friendships I built there have continued to inspire me, challenge me, and allow me to grow more fully into the woman I truly am. I am a more courageous and loving woman after attending the retreat.”

Nina B

“There’s something powerful about women gathering around shared intentions and walking together in support of their individual journeys. This was particularly special for me because of the difficulties I’ve had trusting other women. I felt well cared for by the way everything flowed, and enabled to walk in my own power while also feeling the support of others… a rare and magical experience.

Melina M

“The retreat helped me feel safe and find a centered space within myself while witnessing the beauty and amazing spirits of other women. It was everything it needed to be.

Kali L

We’re here for you

As your hosts, we (Denise and Stephanie) commit to holding a loving space of safety, unconditional acceptance, and support. As leaders and facilitators, we are both committed to doing our own work so that we can show up for you with full integrity. We will meet you where you are with compassion and understanding. We will encourage you and guide you back to your own wisdom and strength as you work through fears and blocks. We will bring our full human selves, showing up with realness and vulnerability.

About Us

Denise Chang

As an intuitive guide and spiritual mentor, Denise has journeyed through inner cycles that opened her up to world of energy healing and a love for bringing women together. Her passion for self-healing continues to grow as she peels back the layers and learns more about her Highest Path. As a survivor of sexual abuse and assault, Denise is a firm believer in empowering others through vulnerable and authentic conversations. Her offerings include in-person and online women’s circles and intuitive sessions. Her self-care rituals include walking barefoot in the grass or sand, cuddling with doggies or humans, daily meditation & journaling and moving her body through dance, running and yoga.

Learn more about Denise at denisedimensional.com

Denise has given me personal guidance through my spiritual journey to help me better understand myself and how to harness my spiritual and feminine energy. She has such a calming and accepting presence, and is greatly in tune with herself and the divine. I highly recommend receiving work done by Denise to anyone looking to better understand themselves, expand their spiritual journey, or simply to be in the presence of a magnificent goddess/healer/witch.”

– Annalisa S.

Stephanie Kang

Stephanie is committed to the work of healing and transformation. As a sensitive soul navigating her own journey towards wholeness, she is passionate about creating safe spaces that allow women to show up exactly as they are and connect from the heart. She believes in the strength of vulnerability, the power of softness, and the necessity of nourishing friendships. Through retreats and other healing experiences, she offers new ways for women to relate to each other, access their inner wisdom, and co-create a safer and more inclusive world for all. Stephanie finds delight in (vegan-ish) dessert, reading too many books at the same time, and falling in love with the Moon.

Learn more about Stephanie at stephaniecolettekang.com

“Stephanie has a bold and unique vision for creating and maintaining female bonds – one that allows space for healing past wounds while at once inviting her community to play an active part in creating the experience they would like to be a part of. I found myself returning home feeling softer, more connected to myself, more curious about my female friends, and maybe most importantly, more connected with the power of my own choices.”

– Debra G.

We are super excited to be offering our first retreat together and know that our collaboration will bring a special kind of magic.

dynamic + tender

yin + yang

colorful + subtle

playful + profound

movement + stillness

sisters + self

shadow + light

We have so much in store for you and can’t wait to meet you in person!


What the experience includes

3 nights’ accommodation in our beautiful cozy Airbnb, just steps away from Joshua Tree National Park – includes hot tub, stargazing deck with firepit, 2.5 acres of private desert, large porch for sunset views, wood burning stove, mountain bikes if you’re feeling adventurous, and views on views of the majestic desert! (see pictures at bottom of the page!)
6 healthy, nourishing meals, to be cooked together in our spacious kitchen, as well as snacks and tea to keep you energized throughout our days
Entry to the breathtakingly beautiful Joshua Tree National Park, where we will reconnect with ourselves and with nature
✨ 2 trauma-informed yoga and guided movement classes 
6 powerful sessions for personal growth, healing, and sisterhood facilitated by Stephanie and Denise – there will be various experiential exercises including meditations and visualizations, guided journaling, and powerful conversations, full of wisdom and practices from various modalities and traditions to offer you new tools and perspectives, always with love and support
Down time so you can rest, reflect, and integrate, as well as time to explore the sweet little town of Joshua Tree
2 30-minute individual support sessions with Stephanie and Denise – one before the retreat to prepare you and help you set intentions, and one after the retreat to help you integrate your experiences and growth!

*Transportation to and from the retreat is not included, but we will help coordinate carpools and can assist you in finding your way to the group!

*Details for accommodations: you will choose between having your own single bed in a shared room, or sharing a king-size bed with another lovely attendee 


$777 per person

$250 to hold your spot
*Only 8 spots available

If you feel truly called to be a part of this experience but cannot commit to a full payment at this time, we are happy to support you in a payment plan.

2 payments of $395
3 payments of $265

We are also looking for women who are committed to their healing and want to be in this space in exchange for a partial trade. If you are one of the following and are interested, please reach out in the contact form below.

• Yoga Teacher
• Photographer

Have questions?

Join us for either of our information sessions where you’re welcome to get to know us better & ask questions.

Friday, January 4th, 12pm
Sunday, January 6th, 6pm

Click this link to join:

This is the space to come back to the essence of who you are.

This is the space to share your stories, commit to your purpose, honor your desires, and empower others to do the same.

This is the space to feel into and trust what is already within you.

This is the space to explore your values and identities and choose how you want to show up.

This is the space to reclaim your power and embody new beliefs.

This is the space for your truth to be reflected back to you through supportive sisters and the wisdom of the desert.

This is the space to transform how you see yourself, and how you see other women.

This is the space to journey deeper within as you are held in safety and love, finding strength through shared vulnerability.

This is the space to unravel.

Join us in co-creating this space.

If you identify as a woman and feel called to join us, we welcome you wholeheartedly. Wherever you’re at in your life, whatever you’re coming with – it’s all perfect.

If you’re ready to sign up, or have any questions for us, please fill out the form below to get in touch – we look forward to connecting more soon! ❤

4 + 1 =