Wisdom Within

Spiritual Healing Mentorship

Let’s do the inner work and heal together.

Are you over it with the swinging between anxiety and feeling numb?

Is your inner child begging to be seen and you feel like you’ve run out of options?

Ready to stop self-sabotaging and start embodying the life you desire?

I’m here for you babe.

I absolutely get it because I’ve been there.

I’ve done the shadow work of healing my inner child and creating a relationship with her.

I’ve accessed depths of emotion and came out the other side feeling brave, worthy and self-trusting.

And I’m here to hold space for you.

Reclaim your Wisdom Within

A 90-Day Transformational Self-Healing & Spiritual Mentorship Experience*

This is for you if you are ready to:

✨ create a relationship with your inner child so she feels safe, seen, loved and protected.
✨ honor your boundaries by knowing what is a yes and no within you.
✨ process your emotional trauma through spiritual and somatic healing practices you can take home.
✨ have a mentor in your ever-evolving spiritual journey.
✨start seeing real progress from anxiety and depression to self-permission and self-trust
✨ start taking action and shifting from intellectual awareness to embodied awareness

magical side effects include:

💕 Increased feelings of worthiness, self-trust and unconditonal self-love.
💕 Awareness of the nervous system and how to work with it, not against it.
💕 Ancestral healing of inherited and learned trauma.
💕 A felt sense of safety to explore and feel through shadow emotions on your own.
💕 Development of spiritual connection with the divine within you.
💕 Cultivation of your intuition and a relationship with your guides.
💕 A profound sense of abundance, inner peace and joy.

Through her mentorship program, Denise helped me clear limiting beliefs surrounding my career, relationship, and self worth. With Denise’s guidance through ThetaHealing, I was able to identify and clear childhood trauma that was affecting my relationship. It became easier to identify triggers and heal them by replacing them with new beliefs about safety, self love and my worthiness.
Annalisa S.


$444/month for 3 months
*minimum commitment is 3 months

why 3 months?

In my experience, the healing process takes time and is cyclical in nature. While transformation can happen very quickly, having an intentional container for your immersive healing experience allows for depth that cannot be accessed in a single session.

The practices and exercises we explore build upon one another and become more than just spiritual self-healing tools. They alchemize into your embodied medicine.

The Healing Modalities

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is a feminine form of energy healing that is deeply relaxing and restores balance to your energetic body. It activates the universal life force energy within you that enables your innate self-healing abilities and orients your life towards your optimal blueprint of health and wellness.

These sessions are powerful and can create shifts in your energy that allow for transformation to occur at a cellular level. The experiences vary, and include having visions, feeling emotions, and an overall sensation of warmth and comfort.


This powerful healing modality utilizes meditation to access your subconscious mind through the Theta brainwave.

I will be holding the space and guiding you through a gentle approach of discovering the beliefs that govern your mind, body and spirit and exploring its originating events.

These memories are integrated into the conscious mind through reprogramming limiting beliefs learned from the trauma. It also teaches you how to experience emotions that we have blocked and allow for deep, transformative healing in the subtle emotional and energetic body.

I balance this with somatic and nervous system regulation for a therapeutic experience of feeling the feels. 

Intuitive Channeling

I use my intuition as a superpower in holding safe space for healing. As I’m a Highly Senstive Person and can read subtle energy, our sessions are highly personalized and directed by your energy body in that moment in time and space.

As an open channel, I also often receive and share messages from your spiritual cheerleading team. These include Spirit Guides, Angels, Ancestors & Loved Ones.

I also read the Akashic Soul Records and oracle cards for specific guidance.

Working with Denise has been truly eye opening and soul healing. She has been nothing but warm, welcoming, and wanted nothing more than to help me heal. Through her, I have been able to focus my mind and inner thoughts, tune out negative thinking, and start my journey towards self healing. Each of the techniques used were effective in their own way. From diving into my subconscious, to affirmations of thoughts and feelings I’ve had, to experiencing Denise’s energy and vibrations while meditating, I have had a self awakening that has made me more aware of my consciousness and energy. 

Joe R.

Disclaimer: The testimonials presented here or on any of Denise Dimensional websites are applicable to the individuals depicted only and may not be representative of the experience of others. The success of these individuals reflects their commitment to the programs and themselves in their own health journey. The testimonials are not paid and are not indicative of future performance or success of any other individuals. Due to the highly variable nature of individual experiences, Denise Dimensional cannot and does not guarantee any results of individuals utilizing the guidance provided.

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